My Internship Experiment In Talentiva

Hi! My name is Audi I’m 22 years old and currently still writing my undergraduate thesis in University of Padjadjaran.

So, let’s talk about my experiment internship in Talentiva… let’s go back to the last month of 2020 where last semester almost done and then suddenly in my Linkedin Mr. Hendy came across to message me and offer me an internship at Talentiva. Since I want to have another experience in my internship and also to gain more knowledge I said yes and really excited about the internship at Talentiva. As I said yes not long after a week, I get contacted by Ms Selvia as recruiter and later on known as my Supervisor, she helping me with the requirement that I must follow before get into the internship. In the requirement make video of me introducing my self in English and then what is my hobby, what i’m capable of, what is my hope as an internship in Talentiva, and what can I do to make Talentiva growth and after I explain all of that I submit to the homepage in requirement Internship.

After I got in Ms Selvia and Team at Talentiva welcome me in meeting Zoom for the very first time. I still remember it very clearly since it’s the best day for me, the team at Talentiva congratulate me a happy birthday even though it’s already happen, since i say my birthday it’s in 1st January, and they just celebrate and singing me a happy birthday together. I never experience an internship like this before since my last internship the team are not very close to each other so I feel like very welcoming at Talentiva and Mr Hendy as a CEO is very nice person and kind to me so i feel relaxed a little bit because of the warm welcome from Talentiva team, after the zoom meeting me and Ms Selvia had a private conversation to discuss the next thing that I will do in the HR department especially in Training and Development and then what can me and Ms Selvia work together.

Ms Selvia as a supervisor were very helpful kinda like a big sister to me, i can share my though and what concern me and also she very thoughtful in every meeting wishing me and my team to not get sick and keep healthy. In every meeting I have assignment that I must do and done. My first assignment is writing a blog like this share my hope and dreams that I want to accomplish at Talentiva and then I got assignment to make a video about how remote work can still be accomplished even though these day Covid-19 make it harder for people to find job or to find freelance or part-time. And then me and Nada as a team working for Youtube Content, Instagram Content, and writing in Linkedin for job seeker and then I get to experience the recruitment process in Linkedin, I publish job seeker in Linkedin and sort some the applier that apply for the job and then pick who is the must suitable for the job, in that area I get to know how the require work and what is right or wrong the require going. Ms Selvia also explain to me and the team how to make good CV to the company and what should do and don’t so, it helps me a lot in the future.

My experience in Talentiva only 3 month, but I think I get the experience that I want and the team at Talentiva is very supportive and kind, last but not least I will give an insight to everyone that want to do an internship is that you must do well, and try to come up with good idea that help the company, also try to build conversation with your supervisor and team so you can work the project well together. I hope my experience in Talentiva can build my perspective in real world work life and also I wish nothing but the best to all Talentiva/Lovia team. see you when i see you! Thank you Talentiva team!

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