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Engineering Jobs


PHP Developer

A PHP Developer is a professional who develops applications, programs and websites, using a dynamic scripting language called PHP.


Python Developer

Python Developer is in charge of using the Python programming language to develop, implement, and debug projects.


Node.js Developer

Node.js Developer is responsible for writing server-side web application logic in JavaScript / TypeScript, Strapi, NestJS, Meteor, etc. Supports Front-end Developers by integrating their work with Node.js applications.


React Web Developer

React Web Developer will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React concepts and workflows such as TypeScript, Redux, and Webpack. You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance.


React Native Developer

React Native developers are responsible for building and developing mobile apps with good performance on Android and iOS platforms.


Flutter Developer

Flutter Developer will be involved in building multi-platform applications for Android and iOS using Google’s Flutter development framework.


System Analyst

The System Analyst analyzes how well software, hardware, and the broader IT system fit the needs of the business. They define the requirements for the new system and can also help implement them and monitor their effectiveness.


Database Engineer

Database Engineers are responsible for all aspects of the design, development and delivery of data and database solutions. Create and maintain databases and database programs.


DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are IT professionals who collaborate with software developers, system operators, and other IT staff members to manage released code. Become the link between the software developer, the testing and operations team, and keep the network working according to what they design, plan, and test.


Data Scientist

Data Scientist is responsible for collecting, cleaning and maintaining data to meet company goals. Tasks vary by industry and can include experimental frameworks for product development and machine learning with the aim of getting robust data for analytics and testing.


Ruby Developer

A Ruby Developer develops server-side web applications, using Ruby on Rails framework, and web scraping scripts using DataHen platform.

Business & Marketing Jobs


Business Development

Business Development is responsible for the business development aspects of an organization. Key tasks include identifying business opportunities, building and maintaining successful relationships with existing prospects and clients, collaborating with executives on business strategy to define goals, evaluating current business performance, and maximizing business reach and potential.


Account Executive

Account Executives work with clients to define their goals and ensure client expectations are met while helping clients understand budget or resource constraints, which are an important part of successful execution.


Marketing & Sales

Marketing & sales helps in advertising and selling company products and to create a competitive advantage for companies in related industries. Responsibilities include generating unique sales plans, creating compelling advertising, email, and promotional literature, developing pricing strategies, and meeting human resource marketing and sales objectives.



Finance is responsible for the financial health of the company by managing accounting operations to meet legal requirements. You need to be familiar with auditing, invoicing, and budget preparation. The ideal candidate showing an interest in managing accounting activities, including bank reconciliation, accounts payable and accounts receivable, should also have good organizational skills and be able to handle time sensitive tasks.



Secretaries perform general administrative duties, generally on behalf of leaders in the organization. Being a Secretary includes coordinating various calendars, receiving phone calls and messages, sending emails, preparing for large meetings and presentations, taking notes at meetings, and many other related tasks.


Product Manager

The Product Manager is responsible for guiding the success of a product and leading the cross-functional team responsible for developing it. Define a strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for a product or product line. This position can also include marketing, forecasting, and profit-loss responsibilities. In many ways, the role of the product manager is similar in concept to that of the brand manager in a consumer packaged goods company.


Human Resource

Human Resources is responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They can also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization. They supervise specialists in their duties; consult with executives regarding strategic planning, and liaise company management with employees.

Creative Jobs



Graphic Designer jobs cover the entire process of determining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. You will be the person who shapes the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.



The videographer is responsible for planning, filming and editing videos that can be used for various projects such as films, commercials, or television shows. Videographers work with creative teams to plan, film, and edit video content. Ensures that the necessary filmmaking equipment is available for use, directs other camera operators at the shooting location, and edits film footage.



Photographers work closely with clients to take photos of people, places, and things through the use of their creativity and technical skills in photographic equipment and photo manipulation software. To ensure that the desired results are obtained, the photographer must communicate effectively with the client regarding expectations for meeting project standards and deadlines. Other duties include recommending creative ideas and solutions to achieve desired results and maintain a professional image.


Talent & Presenter

Talent & Presenter is responsible for organizing and providing information or media to a group of people or the general public through live or pre-recorded broadcasts. This includes creating and testing scripts, meeting with various program personnel, selecting music, and arranging interviews for shows or meetings. Several equipment operations may be required, but in most cases, you can delegate these tasks to specialists.