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Content Writer, Copywriter and Content Creator : What’s the difference?

Do you know whats the job that happening in this pandemic?Yes, content writer, copywriter and content creator. Have you ever heard the name of that jobs?From this three jobs, what’s make them difference?

Actually, these three jobs are the jobs where people will create content in the form of images, videos, sound or a combination of several materials which will be shared in various online or offline media. So, these three jobs have the same job description, that is creating content. Well, even though they are the same, these three jobs are similar but not the same! Let’s find out the difference.

1.Content Writer

Content writer is the person whos create written material for websites and other types of media professionally.As a content writer you must have the ability to write content so the readers will interested to visiting the website or reading articles that have been written. In addition, a content writer must also have the ability to riset for develop the content. 

2. Copywriter 

Actually, a copywriter has a jobdesc that’s almost the same as a content writer. However, the difference is the purpose of a copywriter is to increase the interest of the community who acts as a consumer to buy an item or use a service. So copywriters make sincerity to promote goods or services.

3. Content Creator

Content creator has a broader job description than content writing. If content writers only focus on writing, content creators focus more on making videos, designing images, and others but still writing too. If you want to become a content creator, you must have expertise in media production, communication and also how to distribute the content that you have created.

Now, do you understand the differences between these three jobs? Then from the three, which job do you think is the most interesting to try?Hopefully this article can help you!

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