Burnout Syndrome Due to WFH

Hello fellas! do you still work from home and its hard for you?

Well, working at home is no easier than working in an office. This condition is increasingly complicated because you are also required to always be at home during the corona virus pandemic. This can lead to burnout syndrome. During the implementation of WFH or working at home, some workers may experience fatigue or ‘burnout’ without realizing it.

‘’Burnout itself is defined as a psychological condition in which a person is not successful in dealing with stress, causing prolonged stress and causing symptoms such as physical and mental emotions.’’

Based on the explanation of dr. Nitish Basant Adnani, BMed MSc, some of the symptoms of burnout syndrome that you can experience are as follows:

  • Feeling like running out of energy or fatigue
  • Increased separation from things related to work (mental distance), or having negative feelings (cynicism) related to work
  • Work productivity decreases

This explanation can help you?Please read some tips for you to make deal with burnout.

In order not to continue to experience burnout, you need to overcome it and here is some ways:

  • Create a clear work schedule

To separate work and personal life, you need to make a schedule. Write a work schedule in such a way that it is clear about your work and rest times. Give a break of at least 15-30 minutes every day. Try to keep your lunch away from your laptop or cellphone. 

  • Make time for “me time”

Schedule “me time” each day so that your mind is far from stress. Use this time to rest and get away from work.  You can sleep, watch movies, or do hobbies. This method can keep you from fatigue due to WFH. 

  • Still maintain interactions with other people

Fatigue, health problems, emotions that are kept buried will only worsen the condition. So, when you come home or finish doing work, find time to share with other people, share your thoughts and feelings with people you trust. The pent up feelings will only cause mental fatigue. Everyone needs psychosocial support during this time of the pandemic.

  • Re-evaluate your goals and dreams

Burnout can be an indication that what we think is important, but the results are not as expected. It could be, in this condition it’s time for you to rethink your dreams and life goals. Can your current job lead you to achieve that dream? Think too, does your current job match your passion ? Are you still half-hearted or don’t you do it? It could be that burnout is caused because you are forced to work in this position or it is the opposite of the field you are good at.

Overall, no one’s perfect and life can be stressful. Despite your best efforts, you might work too much sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes, but let’s take care of ourselves. Remote work is work and it’s here to stay.

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