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Coming to the office and programming for all programmers is an inherent passion that can inspire them. But to make programming fun and to get lasting joy from it, one needs to learn and follow some of the basics that make you a better programmer.
In this article, I am referring to the category of programmers who have developed excellent IT solutions and helped the growth of the entire IT industry.

  1. Work on Basics
    As it is true for any industry and any job, the conceptual understanding is the key for success. Core conceptual understanding assists you in designing and implementing the best solutions in the best possible way. If you still feel gaps in the heart of computer science and the specific concepts of your programming language, it’s never too late to go back and review the basics.
  2. Start putting question tags (how, what) with every set of code you write
    creating a clear dividing line between good programmers and good programmers is a passion for knowing what and how it happens.
    When programmers are under tight deadlines, programmers don’t always get this freedom and therefore have to abandon code only knowing that it is doing its job. but as a programmer, one can always try the level best to dig as much as possible. And believe me, it becomes a habit over time and then you do it unconsciously every time.
  3. You learn more by helping others
    Most of us have the same tendency to turn to forums or groups only when we need help. And again, the clear separation between good programmers and others is that the formers visit these places more often to help others. This makes them learn more than someone else to solve their problems. Understand other people’s problems in their context, investigate it and provide solutions; will make you learn more than before.
  4. Write simple, understandable but logical code
    As in almost every aspect of life, the formula of KISS (Keep it simple and short) works in programming as well. Write more logical code and avoid complexity. Sometimes people do write complex code just to prove their capability to write such codes.
    ‘Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, “How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?”‘ -Steve McConnell-
  5. Spend more time in analyzing the problem, you’ll need less time to fix it
    Spend more time in understanding and analyzing the problem and designing solutions for it. You will find the rest of the things quite easily doable.
    ‘If you cannot grok the overall structure of a program while taking a shower, you are not ready to code it.’ -Richard Pattis-
  6. Be the first to analyze and review your code
    Although a bit difficult, but try to break your own code before others can and with the time you will learn to write close-to-bug-free code. Always do a close and unbiased review of your code. Also never hesitate to take others view on your code. Working with good programmers and taking their feedbacks will surely help you become a good programmer.
  7. Don’t dismay yourself by looking at changing technology world
    What every programmer are hearing everyday and mean here is new tools, APIs, frameworks and others means coming up everyday to make the programming easier and quicker. This anyway will continue in technology world. But what needs to be understood is that the core and basic technologies changes with much lesser pace than frameworks, tools and APIs around it.
  8. Work-around don’t work for longer time
    Many times software programmers implement work around solutions (may be because of lack of time, lack of problem understanding or lack of technology experience). But over the period these work around solutions always resulted in corrupting the code, making it less extendible and maintainable and lot of wastage of time later on.
  9. Read documentation
    One of the essential habits of good programmer is that they read lots of documentation. May it be specifications, JSR, API documents, tutorials etc. Reading documents helps you creating that essential foundation based on which you program in best of the way.
  10. You can learn from others code as well
    When you interacted with some excellent programmers who actually have java source project inside their IDE all the time and read/refer that in daily work. They do it not only to fulfill their appetite of knowing the basics but also to learn ways of writing good programs. Reading and referring reliable and known open source code or your senior’s code, can also help you making your programming better.
  11. The last, Don’t compare yourself with others
    Your comparison of yourself with others will only result in evolution of negative feelings and un-healthy competition. Everyone has got his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is more important that we understand ours and work on it. So, analyze yourself, list down your areas of improvement and work on it. Programming is a real fun, enjoy it.

And the last, I think, this quote will give you a support.
‘A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.’ -Doug Linder-

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